Bunnelby has to go.

Bunnelby has to go.


41 days until the spawn pool gets changed up (although there will be a lot of ultra unlock spawns in that time)




lmao. at least it’s decent for getting excellent throws


But I still don't have enough xl bunnelby candy to get one for pvp


3x 100% Bunnelby 4x shiny Bunnelby (or 5, I don't remember if I traded one to my gf) I'd say it is enough, we can move on


Got 6000+ candy, 800 XL 3 shiny and 5 hundos and the perfect IV for the GL pvp The only goal I have for this pokemon is to get a shundo which is kinda like winning in a lottery


Damn i don’t have one shiny I’ve seen over 1,000 of then 😔


Try to move to different locations, there will be different pokemon spawning


If it make you feel any better ive amassed 5000 bunnelby candy now


At least diggersby is useable in pvp if you get enough XLs. Ledyba and my nemesis Glameow are worthless and everywhere


At least ledyba gives easy excellents Glameow just sucks, her hitbox is so weird and round


/checks ...4,217 candy right now. But they're an easy Excellent* for me now, so I don't mind. _*almost the first Bunnelby I caught was the #1 rank in GL, but that needed a bunch of XL, so I got catching... and this was when their base catch rate was silly high, so you had to nail the excellent to stand a chance. Practice made perfect._


I do not mind them, I want XL candies and stardust, so I catch anything. But…my dog can totally relate, damn bunnies everywhere!! He’s a terroir mix, with a very strong prey drive and bunnies on his walk, his backyard, the neighbors backyard, and he is not even allowed to catch ‘his common spawn. We all have our demons to contend with. Lol!!


I need xl candies so no


I got 10 000+ Rattata candies so Bunnelby is a bit of a change for now.